The Bavarian house has carried out a restyling of the Coupé, Cabrio and Gran Coupé. They have been revisited in the look and in the standard equipment. Let's find out the news together.

  • The aesthetic novelties
  • The engines
  • The three body variants
  • Interiors
  • Technology on board

For lovers of sportiness and large and luxurious cars, here is a long-awaited news.

BMW has put a hand to the aesthetics and details of its 8 series. Launched in 2018, this beautiful supercar has been declined in three variants. We have in fact the Coupé, the GranCoupé and the Convertible.

The aesthetic novelties

After 4 years BMW wanted to make purely aesthetic changes which, however, make the model even more aggressive and sporty. To locate them we have to look carefully at the car.

The novelties are really minimal, but when combined with each other, they create a different impact.

Looking, for example, at the car from the front three quarters, we notice how the double kidney grille has been modified. The characteristic front cooling air intake now has redesigned bars with a characteristic U profile.

Also in the front, in addition to adaptive cornering lights as standard, we note the adaptive LED headlights that allow a variable light distribution. It is possible to choose, as an option, the laser light characterized by a particularly long glare beam.

Regarding the bodywork, four new finishes are available . We start from a classic metallic gray to go to a green and end with two blues, slightly different from each other.

The design, as we said, has been slightly modified with an even more intense emphasis on performance character. Aerodynamics have also been improved by working on the side skirts. The lower front air intakes have been structured and modified with horizontal struts.

As for the alloy wheels, we have the 19-inch dual-spoke size as standard.

Important news also for the starting set-up. All cars are equipped with the M Sport package as standard, to give greater dynamism and aggressiveness. Those who are particularly fond of the M series can request the special BMW Motorsport logo as an option to celebrate its 50th anniversary. The latter can be placed on the hood, on the tailgate and on the hubcaps.

Those who have higher economic possibilities are certainly interested in the more sporty and high-performance engine. The new m850i xDrive can be defined as the link between the "normal" 8 series and the sporting world of the M series.

The latter is characterized by specific rear-view mirrors, as well as 20-inch alloy wheels and an active differential.

The engines

As for the engines, we have three proposals. Let's say immediately that the engines have remained unchanged compared to the previous version. Let's start with the 840 petrol and an engine of 3,000 cubic centimeters, made in a 6-cylinder in line and capable of unleashing 333 horsepower. This engine can be combined with rear or all-wheel drive xDrive.

Diesel lovers, on the other hand, can opt for the 340 horsepower 840d xDrive mild Hybrid series.

For lovers of top performance, we recommend the m850i xDrive series, with a V8 engine, double turbocharger and a displacement of 4,400 cubic centimeters. The capacity, in terms of power, is even 530 horsepower.

The three body variants

This car, as we said at the beginning, is offered in three body variants.

BMW 8 Series Coupé embodies the classic shape of the two-door body. It is therefore part of the history of the legendary cars of the German brand, combining elegant lines with dynamic driving characteristics.

For lovers of outdoor performance, we have the BMW 8 Series Convertible. Its classic fabric hood can be opened or closed fully automatically in 15 seconds.

Also available is the BMW 8 Series Gran Coupé which occupies an exceptional position within the automotive luxury sector . The model features four doors and an absolute level of seating comfort, even at the rear.

BMW was therefore able to decline a single car in three different configurations for three different types of customers.


Climbing into the car, you notice how comfort and instrumentation have been designed and oriented towards the driver. The general atmosphere that reigns stimulates the union of driving pleasure with modern aesthetics and total luxury.

The standard interior ambient light also makes it possible to stylishly emphasize the contours of the dashboard and door sills.

The M leather steering wheel features multifunction buttons, with shift paddles for manual gear selection. All this in combination of course with the 8-speed Steptronic gearbox, now standard on all models. In the sportiest version, the steering wheel features model-specific design and stitching.

In the Coupé and Cabrio versions there are two rear seats, each with a defined and important character. The Gran Coupé, on the other hand, offers plenty of legroom, in addition to integrated head restraints and a third seat that can be used for short journeys. In this way we can consider this car as a car designed for 4 + 1 seats.

Technology on board

In terms of technology, the main innovations concern the cockpit with touch display which now reaches up to 12.3 inches. The instrument cluster, also 12.3 inches, displays all driving information.

The assisted driving systems are not lacking and have obviously been raised to the highest levels for BMW. In fact, the Driving assist package is present, for concrete help with anti-collision warning and lane maintenance. The Parking Assist helps when parking maneuvers which, thanks to cameras and sensors, allows an optimal view of the surrounding space.

For sportier spirits, we remind you that the Driving Assistant Professional package is available which contains adaptive cruise control with Stop & go function, brake assist and Speed Limit assist.

For the record, we inform all fans that there is also a special version, the THE 8 X JEFF KOONS , available only in the Gran Coupé version in the m850i configuration.

At the moment, no information has yet been released on price lists and the opening of orders for Italian dealerships.

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credit photo BMW media press