With the start of the new year, the new Model Year also arrives. There are slight cosmetic changes and the new Adventure version.

Car manufacturers renew their cars every year. Today we will talk about one of the most successful SUVs in automotive history.

Toyota launched the # RAV4 many years ago, which completely revolutionized the way SUVs are conceived. In fact, we can say that the RAV4 was the father of all SUVs in a modern conception.

The first version was declined in 3 and 5 doors, with a different and clear difference between the two models. The current version is presented instead only with a 5-door body.

Toyota lines have become as sharp and muscular as possible. The new Model Year 2022 also features the entry of a new version with a specific front. We are talking about the new Adventure set-up, which features a new concept of the RAV4.

The main differences are found within the grid, now black. The fascia of the RAV4 Adventure has also been modified to allow for a coordinated design.

As for the headlights, there are no differences between the new Adventure and the other trim levels, but they are different from the 2021 model year.

The headlights in fact have a different variation of the design of the lights. To distinguish Adventure, we also have some details on the wheel arch, in contrast with the gray of the protections present in the front bumper and in the fascia.

In terms of body color, Adventure features a specific two-tone shade, one for the roof and one for the rest of the body.

Climbing aboard the car there are no major changes compared to the past year. The shapes are very simple and linear, with a large central display that protrudes from the dashboard and projects upwards. In this way it is easily visible from all components of the car and also, of course, from the driver.

Immediately below the display positioned in the central part, we have the dual-zone climate control controls and a little further below, after a small overhang, we find the gearbox which is therefore very comfortable to use.

The steering wheel features a three-spoke structure with buttons positioned on the horizontal spokes.

The dashboard includes a display that allows you to receive all the main information about the car while driving.

The seats have been enhanced with new upholstery that allows for a combination of black synthetic leather with back sections and quilted cushions. The car's interior lighting has undergone an in-depth study, with now new, more efficient LEDs.

The vehicle, however, drives very easily on any road surface, also thanks to the intelligent all-wheel drive, which can be combined with all trim levels (except the Active version).

Orders are already present and active within the Toyota dealerships and therefore we can already go to confirm, starting from € 37,000, the interest in purchasing the new Toyota RAV4.

Prices can also go up to € 47,500 with the Lounge version with all-wheel drive. Fans of adventure and the most important equipment will be happy to know that the price of the Adventure is € 46,000.

Obviously these prices can undergo considerable variations especially if you are interested in adding packs. We would like to highlight the € 1700 Tech Pack which includes four cameras for a 360 ° view as well as rearview mirror with screen and integrated camera on the rear window, parking sensors with automatic anti-collision braking, assistance when leaving the parking area with automatic braking, parking system blind spot alarm.

Clearly Toyota confirms the hybrid system of its car and there is no news in this regard. The proposed hybrid is combined with intelligent all-wheel drive, achieved by adding an electric motor positioned on the rear axle. Its use is therefore only on necessity.

In overall terms, the power is 222 horsepower. The front wheels are powered by 4-cylinder petrol engines with a displacement of 2500 cubic centimeters combined with two electric motors.

As a final characterization of this long description, we remind you that there are also splendid and new 18-inch alloy wheels, characterized by 10 spokes in black for the Style version and silver for the Dynamic version.

Toyota has once again managed to set a new quality standard for its successful SUV. The RAV4 has managed to maintain strong leadership within the various SUV sectors over the years.

When it hit the market it was the first SUV version for the masses. Now it is one of the many SUVs that are placed on the market. Its characterization with only hybrid mode allows in fact once again to have confirmation of the interest on the part of Toyota, in continuing this production line.

Toyota's future is as closely tied to the hybrid and at least tied to diesel. Obviously this step is certainly important, but, as we have noticed, the prices are definitely important.

So here we can connect to a current problem, namely the absence of important funding from the Italian government. We are all waiting for the introduction of new incentives that allow consumers to be able to purchase hybrid vehicles more conveniently.

Being the RAV4 a vehicle of absolute quality, it obviously has a cost equal to the excellent manufacturing quality . We will see if in the next few days, or in the next few weeks, the Italian government will put a hand to its own pockets to finance a green automotive market that needs concrete incentives.

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credit photo TOYOTA media press