The German automotive company presented its smallest fully electric SUV at a rather choreographic event in Singapore.

Purists in the automotive world will be turning up their noses at the news of seeing a large, fully electric Porsche SUV.

Porsche has always been associated with low-set sports cars powered by powerful petrol engines. However, the world changes and with it came diesel versions and also large SUVs from Porsche. Nowadays seeing a diesel Porsche is no longer a tragedy, nor is it seeing a large SUV like the Macan or the Cayenne.

So the German company wanted to embrace sustainable mobility even further by presenting its first fully electric SUV. After creating the Taycan, the fully electric sedan, now it's time for the fully electric Macan.

An SUV characterized by power that can reach up to 639 horsepower and ranges of around 600 km. However, all this does not affect the driveability and top performance of Porsche.

Available in the traditional version and also the Turbo one, it starts from a base power of 408 horsepower. Engine torque goes between 650 and over 1.10 Nm, with accelerations ranging from 5 seconds and a top speed of 220 km/h for the base Macan, up to 3 seconds and 3 tenths for the Turbo version.

The German company has managed to be very attentive to sustainable mobility, also with regards to charging. Taking advantage of the capacity of the approximately 100 kWh lithium ion battery, it manages to have a maximum range of 613 km in the basic version and just under 600 in the Turbo one.

The new car uses a platform already used by the Audi Q6 e-tron, with 800 volt architecture. This aspect allows the car to be recharged in direct current up to 270 kW. Translating these complicated numbers and values into simpler data, we can say that the battery can be recharged from 10% to 80% in just 21 minutes.

Perfect time therefore for a short stop on the motorway or a quick purchase in a shop in a shopping centre.

The design has not been changed substantially, and some small tweaks have been made: the car therefore remains absolutely recognisable.

Externally, the proportions have not been changed that much, even if the length values increase slightly with 6 cm more, but also the width and height.

Now the front light clusters are divided into two sections, where the upper part is characterized by daytime running lights, while in the lower part we have the new headlights with Matrix LED technology, which are optional.

To make the most of the aerodynamics, the rear drops really low and the rear window merges completely with the tailgate. Once the car is turned on, you can see the beautiful 3D light band with a sculpted effect.

Climbing aboard the car, you are greeted by three large displays positioned across the entire dashboard, starting from the digital cockpit up to a display positioned in front of the passenger. The latter allows you to play streaming content, which is not visible to the driver.

For the first time, there is a new technology from Porsche, namely the head up display with augmented reality.

Some slight changes in terms of driver and passenger seats, slightly lower, also regarding the rear seat. This allows an advantage for the legs. All this was possible thanks to a new architecture of the entire car.

Despite being an electric car, the load capacity of the trunk has not been changed too much, with values of 540 litres. As for the front compartment, we have a small space of 84 litres, excellent for storing, for example, a briefcase or a small bag.

Porsche, however, did not want to disappoint its enthusiasts, providing a whole series of advanced technological systems ranging from the self-locking differential to the possibility of adjusting the suspensions, with a very wide gap between comfort and performance.

Also making its debut in the new fully electric Macan is the steering rear axle, which allows it to reach a turning circle of 11 metres.

This new fully electric version will arrive on our roads soon, precisely in the second half of 2024, with prices just over 88 thousand euros and 121 for the Turbo version.

Certainly, a car that will divide a lot between the purists of the Porsche Automotive world and those who want to embrace new technologies as much as possible.



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credit photo PORSCHE media press