The Modena-based company has decided to present the new small SUV, which will arrive in dealerships by the middle of 2022. The engines are interesting, also with a view to sustainable mobility.

Finally Maserati presents a “compact” car, but definitely Premium. Maserati Levante will have its little sister, however, characterized by a great gift of wickedness and sportsmanship.

The car in question is 485 cm long, 167 high and 216 cm wide, including the mirrors. The wheelbase is equal to 290 cm, and this allows for an excellent habitability on board.

The wait Grecale, therefore, manages to be an excellent car for those who were interested in buying an SUV, without entering the sector of the Maxi SUV, or the Maserati Levante. The choice of the name takes its cue from the Mediterranean air current, which arrives from the island of Zakynthos, and then goes up all over the peninsula.

Maserati enthusiasts will remember, how the Mistral model was born in 1963. Since then, endless success has characterized these beautiful Italian cars.

As for the engines, there are some important innovations, also according to an aspect of sustainable mobility. From next year, a fully electric version will also be present in the line up: this is a very important step for the Modenese house in the ecological transition.

Currently, the new Maserati Grecale will only be offered with petrol engines, combined with a form of hybrid propulsion as well.

It starts with a basic version characterized by a 2,000 cc displacement with 4 cylinders made in two versions, as well as a 3,000 cc in V6 structure with double turbocharger, closely related to the Neptune engine of the very powerful Maserati MC20.

Those who want to buy the car will have to choose between three levels of equipment, namely the GT, Modena or Trofeo version.

The first is characterized by a 2,000 cc engine with 300 horsepower, while the Modena version is characterized by a 2,000 cc displacement with 330 horsepower. Those who want to buy the Trofeo set-up will have a 3,000 cubic centimeter petrol engine and 530 horsepower supplied.

Honoring the launch of this car, there will be a limited series renamed “First Series”, which will feature special interior finishes. As we said earlier, next year will be the year of the first Grecale car with electric drive. On this aspect we only know that it will have a 105 kWh battery and a torque output of 800 Newton meters.

Maserati Grecale is based on the same platform as the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio, obviously modified also in light of the larger dimensions and the four-wheel drive with electronic self-locking limited slip rear differential.

The production of this car will take place in Cassino, but it will definitely be a car with an international outlook. The style of this new car follows the course inaugurated a few years ago by the MC20.

The low nose for an SUV continues with a very fluid and very important stylistic line. The large front mouth is very reminiscent of the supercar of the house, but thanks to the skilful craftsmanship of the designers, it fits well within a context of prestige and elegance.

The rear roof is sloping and this allows to transmit a feeling of fluidity, but also of strength. The 19-inch alloy wheels can reach the size of 21 inches and integrate well into a car, all in all important, even if it wants to fall within the compact segment.

In the event that we want to buy the Modena or Trofeo versions, we will also have an enlarged 3.4 cm track.

Climbing aboard this car, you immediately notice how luxury and elegance are definitely at home. Technology largely takes over, thanks to the central 12-inch screen with a resolution of 15 million pixels in ultra HD.

The car's main and auxiliary functions are handled by another 8.8-inch display. The multimedia system is built inside the Modena house and provides up to 5 different user profiles, so you can drive the car within your family, customizing the interface to your liking.

The acoustic system is very well done, with even 21 speakers and a maximum power of 1000 watts, with a clear and powerful sound.

This car therefore manages to perfectly embody Maserati's sporting spirit, even from the point of view of the hybrid.

We do not know what the new electric Maserati will be like, but as far as the hybrid version is concerned, it was made with an important focus on performance.

The front wishbone and rear multilink suspensions allow optimal management of the car even at high speeds. The software that has been inserted inside the control unit is also able to control the car thousands of times per second.

From the Trofeo version, we can also have a beautiful Modenese yellow color for the bodywork, which will certainly make us notice, as well as the performance data.

In fact, according to what was declared by the Modenese company, the car manages to sprint from 0 to 100 km / hour in just 3.8 seconds and reach up to 285 km / hour.

Obviously the Trofeo version is the most performing one, but our advice is to also look at the more sedate versions in the engines, starting with the “Entry-level” GT.

No information has been released regarding prices, but certainly every single euro spent on this car is definitely well spent.


credit photo MASERATI media press