A few days ago, the German automotive giant presented the flagship, now also available in the 100% electric version.

When we say BMW 7 Series, we immediately think of the luxury and the non plus ultra that can be placed inside a Premium car. This car has always been associated with a concept of exclusivity and refinement, style and prestige.

Always characterized by very important dimensions, it has often been used by heads of state and by very wealthy people, such as industrialists. Its price, of course, definitely exceeds € 100,000, but it is a car totally devoted to luxury and prestige.

For the first time, it will also be presented in an electric version, and this is a totally emblematic fact of how BMW is also really and concretely interested in the ecological transition. This version is arriving from November of this year, in an electric version, while from the spring of next year, it will be possible to choose it in the thermal engines, benzina and diesel, all electrified.

But let's begin to describe the car starting from the dimensions. For this new version, the German automotive house BMW wanted to define it with only a long step. Going into detail, and making these words concrete, the car is 5 meters and 39 cm long, with a width of 195 cm and a wheelbase of 321 cm. For the less experienced, these dimensions are simply numbers, but if we look at the size of the car wheelbase, we will notice that it is well over 3 meters. In this way, the comfort on board the car is decidedly ultra-luxurious, as those who sit in the back will benefit from enviable comfort and spaciousness.

There are not many aesthetic and recognition differences, between the BMW 7 Series with petrol or diesel power, and the 100% electric one. The only differences are characterized by the badge, but also by small characteristics of blue color, inside the details of the car.

As soon as we catch our eyes with the new BMW 7 Series, we immediately notice how the headlights have been divided into an upper and a lower part. This new design variation, from BMW, is quite important and outlines the future design of all future BMWs, combining an aggressive and sporty spirit. The upper part of the headlights are made up of the position lights and the direction indicators, while the lower part is made up of the low beam and high beam.

Looking at the car from the side, we could immediately recognize the BMW tradition that has characterized the 7 series over the years. The only important difference is in the door handles, which remain flush, that is Tesla style.

Finally, observing the car in the rear three quarters, we recognize how the trend of minimal headlights, developed horizontally in recent BMWs, has also continued in this area.

Climbing aboard the car, we can definitely notice a luxury and a futuristic technology. The new 7 Series definitely makes a leap forward compared to the previous generation, also thanks to the huge screen that characterizes the dashboard.

Connected with 5G connectivity, we have the driver of the car who can control all the car's components, thanks to a series of information that can be immediately reached via the large screens on the dashboard.

The real gem of the car, however, is the 31-inch maxi-screen, in an ultra-flattened horizontal format, with 8K resolution, which, coming down from the roof, concretely transforms the second row into a perfect cinema.

If we wanted to buy this car in 100% electric mode, we can have a version characterized by 544 horsepower and 745 Newton meter of torque, with a guaranteed range of between 590 and 625 km . Thanks to a charging architecture of up to 195 kW of power, it is possible to recharge approximately 170 km in 10 minutes, with acceleration times that can reach 4.7 seconds, from zero to one hundred km / h.

This car joins a more powerful version, characterized by two electric motors. The “second” electric BMW has 600 horsepower under the hood and a torque of 1000 Newton meters, to reach 100 km / h in less than 4 seconds.

Obviously, as we said at the beginning, versions with thermal engines will also be present in the spring of 2023. In fact, we start from the classic 6-cylinder, 3000 cubic cm, with 300 horsepower and 770 Newtonmeter of torque. There will also be a plugin hybrid version, with a 6-cylinder 3000 cc petrol engine of 310 horsepower and 200 horsepower for the electric unit.

This car is therefore ready for the future, also thanks to level 3 autonomous driving, which allows the driver to take their hands off the wheel in certain circumstances. Our country has yet to approve the amendment to the Highway Code, which allows the introduction of these changes within our country.

A car therefore dedicated exclusively to total comfort and the ultimate in technology. Comfort also passes through the standard air suspension, which is part of a series of decidedly important features.

With this car, BMW wanted to take a decisive step forward towards electrification, openly accepting the challenge launched by other international automotive giants that have, in recent years, made a decisive acceleration to the electric car fleet.

This car allows the German house BMW to duel with Mercedes EQS and with other international brands, such as Tesla, for all those people with an important and wealthy wallet, towards a search for the ecological transition of the Premium price range. We will see how the Automotive market will respond to this introduction, also by virtue of the price of the electric versions which will start from around € 146,000.

We are therefore talking about very important prices, but we are still within a new market and in total and continuous expansion. As we all know, electric mobility is part of a new world, where the technology industry has higher costs for the development of the first models.

The price of € 146,000, therefore , as a base price for the new electric BMW 7 Series, may seem excessive, but it is definitely an indicator of how much technology is pushing towards new frontiers.

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Credit photo BMW media press