Volkswagen launches the ultra bad version of the Golf Station wagon. 320 horsepower engine, but which is not yet marketed in Italy yet.

Golf is certainly one of the most historic cars for the German Volkswagen company. In fact, it has managed to characterize half a century of automotive history. We almost always see it with a compact 5-door version, but the station wagon is also present.

Station wagons currently cover a very small slice of the market as the bulk has been taken from SUVs. This is about 4% as a market share. Despite this, in other areas of the world station wagons are still in demand and for this reason Volkswagen has decided to make an ultra bad version of the Golf station wagon.

We are talking about a 320 horsepower car with a sporty look with a lowered set-up. The car is currently not scheduled for sale in Italy, but is currently in Germany at a price starting from around € 50,000.

This very high price is basically due to the super engine of 2,000 displacement with TSI structure and 420 Newton meter of torque. Drive is standard 4Motion all-wheel drive with R Performance Torque vectoring.

Volkswagen has combined this engine with a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox capable of bringing the car, together with the engine, from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.9 seconds.

Obviously the maximum speed is electronically limited to 250 km per hour , but with the optional performance package it is possible to reach up to 270 km per hour.

Daily use is absolutely not affected also thanks to a truly exceptional set-up. The latter has been lowered by 2 cm and allows you to have a responsive car in every single situation.

The Golf R Station Wagon has a truly immense space for luggage and bags. We are talking about 611 liters which can reach up to 1642, if the rear seats are lowered and the load is completed for the whole car.

For the first time, this car can also have an optional ball joint with a maximum permissible trailer weight of up to 1.9 tonnes.

The sportiness of this car is very evident especially on the outside. We are talking about details such as the front bumper with writing and aerodynamic appendages. At the rear we see a completely new bumper and a diffuser painted in glossy black. The tailpipes are double and have the characteristic of being chromed.

As for the body color, we can choose a beautiful blue, but also white and black.

Climbing aboard the car, we immediately notice how the steering wheel has been completely redesigned and all the driver's controls have also been changed, both as regards the steering wheel, but also for other buttons inside the dashboard.

There is a new horizontal display containing engine speed information and also a stopwatch to keep track of time.

In terms of safety, Volkswagen wanted to create a condensate currently in circulation as regards its production line and poured it into the car.

credit photo VOLKSWAGEN media press