Audi has just presented the new top of the range in terms of performance for its # R8. Available starting next year while prices are still Top Secret.

For all Audi fans this news will warm the heart in this cold and gloomy October. The car manufacturer with the 4 rings has just declared that starting from 2022 both the Coupé version and the Spyder version of its top-of-the-range car in terms of performance will be available.

The current V10 version will be exceeded by 30 horsepower thanks to a 570 horsepower set-up for the naturally aspirated 5.2 V10.

In this way, maximum torque reaches 550 Newton meters and traction is automatic with 7-speed S Tronic double clutch and rear-wheel drive with mechanical self-locking differential.

In order to create this new car, the German car manufacturer made the most of the experience gained from its R8 LMS GT4 and brought this know-how back to the road.

In fact, 60% of the components and aerodynamic solutions derive from the GT4.

Absolute novelty is the dynamic steering that had never been fitted to a car with only two-wheel drive. Given the important contribution of technology to these cars, Audi has also decided to include dedicated traction control and stability software.

This car has an overall low weight of around 1600 kg, obviously lighter in the case of a Coupé.

Lovers of performance data will be delighted to know that in the Coupé configuration the car can reach a top speed of 329 km / h and go from 0-100 in just 3.7 seconds.

This car will also be immediately noticed thanks to the matt black single frame with vertical strips and an oversized splitter.

Boarding the car, we will notice dedicated badges and Alcantara finishes, as well as all the customizations that a customer can make according to the Audi customization programs.

Like all racing or high performance cars, this car will have larger tires in the rear axle. The front axle but also the rear axle tires will have a diameter size of 20 inches. However, the tread size is 245 mm on the front axle and 305 mm on the rear axle.

This trim is a configuration provided as an option while in the traditional system we have 19-inch alloy wheels in the front axle and 20-inch in the rear axle.

At the moment no information is given regarding prices and it is known that this car will only be released in the course of 2022. We just have to wait a few months to find out some other data relating to prices and a precise date that you will be able to see on the road this little extraordinary fireball.

credit photo AUDI media press