A 5-metre-long 7-seater maxi SUV arrives, for ultra-comfortable sustainable mobility.

You don't always see 7-seater cars in circulation, but now Kia presents its maxi SUV for large families. In five meters in length, there is no shortage of space and with the 541 km of autonomy, the ability to travel long journeys is assured.

With prices starting from around 70,000 euros and deliveries expected at the end of October, it is a maxi SUV with square lines. Comfort on board is guaranteed by a wheelbase of no less than 310 cm. This data may not be so relevant, but the average among large cars is a wheelbase of 300cm.

Seven seats, which can also become six seats, as the second row is made up of two independent seats, which can slide lengthwise and sideways, as well as rotate.

Externally the car is very squared, with a very high line of the windows and a front grille characterized by minimal lights. Being an electric car, there is no front grille: this allows Kia designers to create a truly futuristic car.

Those who love the world of hyper-muscular cars, here is the truly ideal car.

Observing the car from the rear three-quarter angle, it can be seen that the rear lights are also very square and characterized by a Y design. In fact, they run vertically and also horizontally, thus making it possible to see exactly the important width of the car.

Climbing aboard the car, you immediately see the three screens side by side, which allow you to have a very valid global infotainment system.

We're talking two 12-inch screens for the dashboard and multimedia system, as well as a smaller five-inch display. The latter display is responsible for managing the climate, but also the seats that can be heated and ventilated in the first two rows.

For lovers of physical keys, this car is still a blast from the past, as there are so many physical keys, starting from the steering wheel, but also throughout the dashboard and on the doors.

A car therefore that looks to the future, with truly minimal lines, but which does not forget the Automotive history made up of over 100 years of physical keys.

The steering wheel is characterized by four spokes on a horizontal design, which make it possible to create an image of a very modern car.

The interiors are characterized by light colors which make it possible to enhance the total luminosity of the car, made available by the large windows.

Kia says that, at the moment, the infotainment system is able to communicate with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto via a cable, but an update is expected starting next spring that will make them work even without cables.

The large dashboard of the car is configurable exactly like the other Kia, and discounts some customization factors.

When you want to choose this car, you must first ask yourself whether to opt for rear-wheel drive or 4x4. The rear-wheel drive has 204 horsepower, while the 4x4 can even count on 384 horsepower.

The overall battery is capable of having a total power of 99 kWh, and is housed in the floor. In this way, with powers up to 240 kW, a range of 240 km can be recharged in just 15 minutes.

The "traditional" version is the one characterized by a greater range, which manages to reach an average of 540 km, according to the WLTP approval cycle.

As for the 4x4, the data state a range of about 489 km.

For lovers of outdoor life, Kia's possibility of being able to recharge an electric car, or even an electric bicycle, is interesting. This is the future of sustainable mobility and the future of cars. Not only the means that allow us to reach a destination in an all-electric way, but also the realities that make it possible to recharge other electrical objects.

This car is really well made and allows it to be updated via updates via the cellular network. In this way, the driver assistants can also be updated, which in some areas are already a kind of anticipation of the future. In Germany, variants capable of traveling the streets with very high technology, i.e. third-level autonomous driving, will be sold.

In some conditions, in fact, the steering wheel can be left completely behind and the car manufacturer assumes responsibility in the event of an accident. For this situation, however, the car must be equipped with Lidar radar, which allows you to see up to 250 meters in front of the car.

Appointment, however, primarily in Italy, in dealerships from October. A car therefore important in terms of size and also important in its ability to make a sustainable transition concrete, even for all those who need to have 6 or 7 seats.

Even with a 7-seater configuration, however, let's not forget that the trunk is of absolute quality. A car that doesn't cost much at all, but that manages to give everything large families need, within the world of sustainable mobility.

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photo credit KIA media press